Jessie for ‘Elle’

Written by admin on April 24 2021

Shadow and Bone’s Jessie Mei Li Is the Fantasy Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

Jessie Mei Li never thought they’d be sitting here. Sure, they hadn’t imagined they’d be discussing their breakout role in fantasy juggernaut Shadow and Bone from the quiet of their Bristol flat, wrapped in a comforter against the late winter chill. But, more broadly, they never thought they’d be discussing their breakout role period.

“I always loved acting, but it was something I never really considered [as a career],” the 25-year-old explains, their shy grin illuminating the window of our Zoom call (Li uses both she and they pronouns). “You can think, ‘Oh, I love drawing, but I’m never going to be a designer.’” But after dropping out of a languages degree at university—because “mental health is a thing,” they say with a laugh—Li realized they were much more skilled than they thought. “I remember thinking, loads of my friends and family don’t know how I’m feeling. I must be better at acting than I give myself credit for.” They signed up for a few acting classes, and the hobby served as a pleasant distraction until they landed a role in All About Eve on the West End opposite Gillian Anderson and Lily James. And now, the lead in a highly anticipated adaptation of a global YA phenomenon.

So, yeah—much better than she gives herself credit for.
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Jessie for ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Written by admin on April 24 2021

“I Don’t Want to Be Famous”: Jessie Mei Li Braces for Big Breakout With ‘Shadow and Bone’

The British actress, who shines as a light-wielding hero in the new Netflix sci-fi series, talks failed auditions before landing her starring role, aiming for action parts and her grandmother’s pride watching her trailers.

Just a few years ago, acting was far from Jessie Mei Li’s mind. She had dropped out of university at Reigate College in Surrey, England, and was working as a special-education teaching assistant when she decided to try a few acting classes. Li was instantly hooked. “I went to loads of open auditions [and] got rejected,” Li, 25, recalls with a laugh.

The British actress eventually landed an agent on the recommendation of a director from one of those failed auditions. Soon, she had a role on the West End in a production of All About Eve and a small role in Edgar Wright’s upcoming horror film Last Night in Soho.

Now she awaits her biggest stage yet with the April 23 debut of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone series, an adaptation of the popular fantasy books in which she gives a spirited, empathetic performance as Alina Starkov, a young woman with unique powers who’s thrust into the public spotlight and hailed as a savior. Li beat out hundreds of hopefuls for the role.

“So much of this is out of your control,” says Li of auditioning. “You can just go into that room and be yourself and show them what you can do with the words they’ve written. You might as well try and enjoy it.”

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Shadow and Bone Gallery Update

Written by admin on April 22 2021

I’ve added over 20 new high quality photos to the gallery of Jessie from Shadow and Bone. Hopefully there will be more to be added. I am soooo excited for the premiere. Who else will be starting the binge at midnight?!

Magazine Scans Update

Written by admin on April 22 2021

I’ve added a bunch of magazine scans that have featured Jessie from a dozen magazines promoting Shadow and Bone. (I can’t seem to find the Elle USA so if anyone has a HQ scan to share with us, please contact me on twitter.) Enjoy all the scans!

Jessie on ‘Good Morning America’

Written by admin on April 20 2021

The actress talks about her role in the highly anticipated new Netflix show, “Shadow and Bone.”

Cast Discusses ‘Shadow & Bone’ – EXTENDED

Written by admin on April 13 2021

Netflix series “Shadow & Bone” stars Ben Barnes and Jessie Mei Li discuss their characters with Morgan Hoffman and explain why they are drawn to one another. Plus, Archie Renaux tells us about his character’s connection to Alina Starkov in the highly anticipated new series.

Shadow and Bone Stills and Posters

Written by admin on March 31 2021

I’ve added new stills and posters of Jessie from Shadow and Bone. So excited!! Can’t wait for the show to air. Enjoy the photos.

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